Empowering the young generation, EnviBloo is dedicated to helping passionate individuals take immediate action for environmental issues, such as drought, and make positive long-lasting change throughout society. Each person possesses the ability to improve his or her community, and it all begins here. 

It's difficult to realize what's going on throughout your community when you're used to your surroundings. Accepting change is also a challenge, and that's why EnviBloo is aimed at informing all individuals about the importance of taking action towards environmental issues. 

The six-year drought California is facing has affected nature, our health, and our daily lives whether you realize it or not. In order to reverse the detrimental impact of the drought, it's time to make a difference and protect our community for both ourselves and future generations. 

By inspiring the young generation, EnviBloo helps children build upon their passion for nature and leadership capabilities. We provide updates about environmental news, tips to be more sustainable, and also sell artwork to raise money for organizations supporting this challenge. 

Contact us through email at envibloo@gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in our cause. 

Founder's Message

"Growing up in Los Angeles, I've seen the detrimental impact of California's severe six-year drought. I think it's time to make a difference and educate society about the importance of water conservation and environmental preservation. Every person holds the power to positively impact his or her community, and it's important to start accepting and utilizing that fact." -Isabel Zavian

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